Sunday 18 October 2015

Art Beyond Sight Awareness Month Crash Course

On Wednesday 21st October 2015, from 6-9 pm GMT, 8 participants from Blind Creations will be sharing their thoughts on the relationship between blindness and creativity. Callers from outside the US and Canada can find details of how to listen here.
 - At 6pm, Selina Mills, Sebastien Durand and Anne-Lise Mithout will be talking about music (click here to listen or participate).
 - At 7pm, David Johnson and Aaron McPeake will be talking about their art (click here to listen or participate).
 - And at 8pm, three of the writers from the Creative Writers' Roundtable, Romain Villet, Naomi Foyle and Rod Michalko will be discussing their work (Click here to listen and participate).

All three sessions are free and open to all. All you need is a telephone and you can listen or participate. The events are taking place as part of Art Beyond Sight's 2015 Awareness Month Telephone Crash Course and they are a great chance to reconnect with fellow Blind Creations participants and share the conference's legacy. All three sessions will be moderated by Hannah Thompson and she would love to hear from you.

If you cannot listen and / or participate live on Wednesday, the sessions will be recorded and posted online after the event. Details will be available here.