Below we list non-conference news and events which might be of interest to conference delegates.


Forthcoming Book Announcement

Simon Hayhoe, Philosophy as Disability and Exclusion: English theories on blindness, touch and arts in education, 1688-2010 (Forthcoming with Information Age Publishing).

Philosophy as Disability and Exclusion examines the history of ideas on arts in the education of people who are blind in England, from 1688 to 2010. This book also examines a number of the earlier influences on the enlightenment, and the international context of this topic. The two hypotheses on which this study is based are: 
(1) Our understanding of blindness in English intellectual culture is less to do with homologous physical characteristics. Instead it is more to do with an ethical philosophy of human capacity.
(2) The arts education of people who are blind through touch tells us much about our psychology of mythologies and the intellectual construction of human thought. Furthermore, the myth that people who are blind are incapable of visual arts and have an enhanced capacity for the musical arts is one of the most engrained modern folklores. It is part of our cultural, intellectual and philosophical conscience.

In the process of investigating these hypotheses, this book argues that philosophies have linked immorality, intelligence and physical ability. These have become connected in ways that are unrelated to eyesight in order to fulfil broader cultural processes of developing social theory. In this book, the process of knowledge creation is termed passive exclusion and is analysed through an epistemological model of examining disability and exclusion.


Drawing Class for People with Low or No Vision

Educators Pamela Lawton and Deborah Lutz will be teaching an art class, 'Drawing as Seeing' in Siena, Italy this summer at the Siena Art Institute from August 3-13.

The class is for folks with any level of sight. We will explore the art and architecture of the city of Siena as our studio. We will use a range of materials that are tactile as well as more traditional drawing materials. It is designed for college students and adults of any age. Contact for more information.


Photography Workshop for Blind, Visually Impaired and Sighted Students using iPads, Smartphones and Cameras 

Developing a Narrative Portfolio Using Smart Technologies and cameras

Dates: Thursday 2nd July 2015 – Sunday 5th July 2015 (inclusive)
Times: 10am – 4 pm (Thursday-Saturday), 10am – 1 pm (Sunday)

Locations: Canterbury Christ Church University Central Campus (North Holmes Road, Canterbury) and Turner Contemporary, Margate. Field work will also be conducted on Margate’s Sea Front, and at Canterbury Cathedral.

Experience needed: All levels of skill and experience are welcome.

Cost: The workshop is free. However, please arrange your own meals, transport and accommodation.

Equipment needed: iPads are available for use over the weekend, however if you wish to use smartphones and cameras please bring your own equipment.

The Equality, Social Justice and Inclusion Theme Group, Faculty of Education, Canterbury Christ Church University is conducting a photography workshop in Canterbury and Margate in early July for blind, visually impaired and sighted photographers alike. The workshop will be run in conjunction with Dr Noemi Pena Sanchez, from Valladolid University, Spain. She has expertise in the development of photography courses and workshops for people of all levels of sight and experience.

The workshop will allow all participants to learn camera work and skills through a series of directed photography tasks. The tasks are aimed at experts and beginners alike, and the use of tablet computers and smart phones as photographic devices are encouraged alongside the use of more traditional cameras.

If you would like to book a place on the course, please email: before the 25th June 2015. Please state whether you want to attend the entire four days or selected days.

Itinerary & Locations:
  • Thursday 2nd July: Canterbury Christ Church University - teaching room and around the campus. 
  • Friday 3rd July: Canterbury Christ Church University in the morning, and then Canterbury Cathedral in the afternoon. These are UNESCO World Heritage sites. 
  • Saturday 4th July: Turner Contemporary Gallery, Margate, in the morning, and Margate beach and sea front in the afternoon. 
  • Sunday 5th July: Canterbury Christ Church University in the morning, evaluation and finish until lunch.

Works by Russ Palmer and Riitta Lahtinen

Russ Palmer and Riitta Lahtinen have produced the following works which can all be viewed on the Ear Foundation website. They will be available at the conference:


Works by Marcia Moraes,Virginia Kastrup and Laura Pozzana

Two books have recently been translated into French and will be of interest to conference delegates: 
  • Exercices du voir et du non-voir : arts et recherche avec les personnes handicapées visuelles by Marcia Moraes and Virginia Kastrup (eds)
  • Histoires de Cécités by Virginia Kastrup and Laura Pozzana,
Both of them are published by Les Doigts qui Rêvent.