Art Exhibition

The following works of art will be exhibited during the conference in the Management Building. Please join us for the artists' talks and exhibition opening reception on Sunday June 28th at 5pm:

“i-sight” by Alice Entwistle, Inga Burrows and Lou Lockwood.

“Bell-Bronzes: Works made between 2007 and 2014” by Aaron McPeake.

Two films by Aaron McPeake: “Journey After the Funeral” (Silent; 2007) and “A Sense of the World” (2007; made in collaboration with Alex Marshall).

“Blind With Camera” curated by Partho Bhowmik.

“The Moon Reader” by Teresa Jaynes (Artist) and Katherine Allen (Collaborator).

“Haptophone” by Florian Grond (in collaboration with Adriana Olmos, Marc Fournel, Michael Ciarciello, Alexis Emelianoff, and Mathieu Bouchard).

“Pigs Noir” and “Citrus Corners” by David Johnson.

Between June 12th and July 1st we are also proud to exhibit a feature outdoor installation:

“Too Big to Feel” by David Johnson (located on the grassy bank between the Founders and Windsor Buildings). David says:
 'The piece raises questions about the meaning and purpose of art and by extension about the human condition more generally. By means of striking visual and tactile contrasts 'Too Big to Feel' attempts to make the point that the experience of blindness is in many ways analogous to wider non-disabled experience. It shows that blindness is a creative and exciting way of being in the world which has much to teach sighted people about invention, autonomy and communication.'